Sisterspeak237 Digital Literacy Contest: Ashunganya Precious wins April edition

Ashunganya Precious 

Ashunganya Precious has emerged winner of the April edition of the Digital Literacy Contest counting for the fourth edition of the Digital Literary Contest organized by a nongovernmental organization Sisterspeak237. 

Precious recorded a score of 95/100 from her online votes, which constitutes 50% and that of the jury completes the other 50% crowning her as champion for this edition. 

The Sisterspeak237 Digital Literacy Contest is organized to combat the spread of fake news and hate speech and the April edition as attested by the jury, received three entries from women who demonstrated their understanding of combating fake news and hate speech.

Amongst the three contestants, Ashunganya Precious emerged first with 95/100, Akalambi Claire second with 80/100 while Solar Marie Manjo 75/100 and occupied the third position.

"Over the months and editions, we have successfully perused through amazing creative works of Art by different contestants who have understood the primary purpose of this campaign." This 4th edition has been very engaging and proves the mission and goals to spread love and peace through media literacy have been achieved by both the contestants and Sister Speak 237. From Spoken Word to Short films/drama concepts pioneered by these contestants have been laudable and I must applaud them for that. Congratulations to the winners of the previous editions and I am looking forward to our winner for this 4 edition" Ndamo  Damaris One of the jury opined. 

The April edition marks the end of the Digital Literacy Contest, which is part of the Digital Literacy Project currently under implementation with funds from the US Election in Cameroon. So far, 46 youths and Influencers in the Southwest Region have been trained  around these concepts and who in the end took a commitment to use tech for the promotion of peace and Truth guided by the tags #Toktrue #PepperTheTruth #ThinkB4UClick


Anye Nde Nsoh

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