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Fo SAN Angwafo III 

Close aides around the palace of Mankon have announced the departure of His Majesty, Fo SAN Angwafo III.

In a press release issued on Sunday 22nd May 2022 by North West Governor, Adolph Lele LAfrique, the Civil Administrator Extends the sincere condolences of the President of the Republic to the people of Mankon.

Wishes the people of Mankon will hold dear to heart as the Fon was serving as Vice President to Paul Biya at the CPDM.

Regarded as one of the last living patriarchs who witnessed the events leading to the Reunification of Cameroon, Fo Angwafo III leaves a legacy as the one who spent 63 years on the throne.

Enthroned in 1959, the missing Fon championed the development of Mankon. Positioned the village as a pillar in the North West region whose sons and daughters have continued to reap the fruits of the Fon's endless dedication to state institutions.

The Fon, the patriarch, the statesman

On 6th December 2020, the leader of the Mankon people was elected to the North West Regional Assembly as eldest member. A position he occupied till his demise on the 21st of May 2022. The date his turned 97 haven been born on the 21st May 1925.

Dark clouds surrounded the palace of Mankon at about 5pm when he took his last breathe.

Before the demise of the Fon, he was resolute that the Anglophone crisis could have a better outcome, better managed and with a better vision. 

" If they think that the problem can only be solved through separation then when they eventually have a problem after separation maybe another separation will be required. Together we must move forward. We must accept that we solved the problem by the plebiscite we had. We were divided by the colonial people. We became an independent nation by a plebiscite. If we have another plebiscite we should be aimed at solving the problems that we have. We can’t move forward without problems. I am Fon of Mankon. Don’t you think I have problems with the other Fons of the Northwest? We should discuss the problem, find a solution and move on. Life is full of problems and you don’t solve problems by running away from them." The Fon who never abandoned his palace since the crisis started in 2016 stated. 

On a visit to the North West Region, Cameroon's Prime Minister, Chief Dr Joseph Dion Ngute had these words for the Fon. 

"Pa'a is part of our common history. He fought German for freedom &  unity. Let us preserve heritage." 

Mankon now looks forward for who will be the 21st ruler of the village.

Ndi Tsembom Elvis 

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