Presbyterian Health Complex: Mayor Chenwi Peter settles bills of 100 Patients

Bamenda II Mayor, Chenwi Peter 

The Mayor of Bamenda II Council, Chenwi Peter has offered to pay the bills of the first 100 patients of the Newly constructed Presbyterian Health Complex in Ntamulung.

Speaking as Church officials, guests and PCC Christians inaugurate the health complex, the Mayor was marveled with the state of the complex, the services it will offer to the population of Bamenda II and the region at large.

The sum of One Million Francs was handed to the hospital authorities to facilitate the health care delivery process of the first 100 patients.

Official opening of the Hospital 

This gesture was saluted by the authorities of the Church and the multitude who turned out to witness the official opening of the hospital.

"He has proven to be a People-oriented Mayor. This is not the first time he is coming to the aid of patients in Bamenda II, May God continue to Bless him." a Christian said while moving towards the Mayor.

The Presbyterian Health Complex that has seen the light of day is a brain child of the PCC hierarchy, with its construction that lasted only Nine Months.

The Rt Rev. Fonki Samuel Forba in his inaugural speech thanked the Almighty God for enabling him and the church to realize such a 21st century standard health facility at the service of the population of the North West Region.

Bamenda, capital City of the North West has seen an influx of people from all the 7 Divisions of the region, fleeing the armed conflict that has been on for almost five years now and quality Healthcare delivery is of the essence.

The hospital that is made up of 70 beds promises to deliver quality health care to the people of the North West Region.

Items gifted to IDPs

The inauguration of the hospital saw the church gift internally Displaced persons with some items for their survival.

As the jubilant IDPs return hope, Mayor Chenwi Peter expressed immense thanks to the church for not only providing a hospital but also providing to the growing population of Bamenda II.

Prior to his gesture at the launch, the Mayor was recently awarded by the Christian Men's Fellowship of the church for his unrivaled contributions to the church and the movement.

The Presbyterian Church in Cameroon has promised to set up another state-of-the-art hospital in Garoua.


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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