Mayor Chenwi Peter receives Award for his dedicated service to CMF Ntamulung

Mayor Chenwi Peter 

Mayor Chenwi Peter of the Bamenda II council and a staunch faithful of PC Ntamulung has been awarded for his dedicated services to the Christian Men's Fellowship and to the church.

The award was presented on Easter Sunday, 17th April 2022, as Christians converged to celebrate the resurrection of christ.

In a service officiated by the Presbyterian Secretary of Mezam, the Rev Ngwa Hosea challenged the recipients to follow the path of the resurrected Jesus Christ who worked tirelessly and without season.

Representative of Mayor Chenwi Peter receives Award

Works which Chenwi Peter and others pledged to continue doing to foster the evangelisation of christ in the Presbytery. 

"I want to thank God Almighty for this award which comes to encourage me to serve humanity. I didn't expect this award. I wish to extend my gratitude to the moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon and to the Christian Men Fellowship, CMF of the Presbyterian Church Ntamulung."

Mayor Chenwi added that" although CMF Ntamulung is my group, my support will extend to other movements in and out of the PCC. I will do my possible best to serve all groups in and out of the church which is my duty as Mayor and I keep counting on your prayers to achieve my objective as Mayor" he added. 

His works in the PCC are evident as the council renovated the Boys dormitory of PSS Mankon after the school suffered a double fire attack in 2021.

He contributed significantly to the construction of the church hall, contributed to the establishment of CBS Radio and the purchase of equipment and a service car. He has been a shoulder CMF Ntamulung can lean on when going for National rallies. 

CMF Ntamulung emerged overall 3rd in an annual rally competition that saw over 800 groups based in Cameroon and abroad compete. 

The award of certificates of gratitude followed the official presentation of the flag and a cash prize of 75,000 frs by the group's President, Mbanya Justin Nchadji. 

Members of CMF Ntamulung 

An achievement the congregational Chair lady of PC Ntamulung, Elder Anastasia Nana saluted. She urged other movements of the church to emulate their example. 

The Easter celebrations in PC Ntamulung were also marked by Baptism and confirmation. 

Preaching from the book of Colossians chapter 3,the verses 1 to 11, the Christians of PC Ntamulung were called to see the resurrection of Christ as a sign of "all obstacles rolled away."

"Easter the man of God said is an open check for our eternity. It builds hope and confidence that you have conquered the enemy and all disturbing you.

Everyone is free from the power of marginalisation and insecurity with the resurrection of christ." The Rev Ngwa Hosea ended his sermon.


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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