Bamenda I Council earmarks fruitful community development projects for 2022

The absence of street lights in some quarters of Bamenda I municipality, poor structure of roads, lack of accessible bridges, water crisis and the need to upgrade the Bamenkwe health centre turn hospital has caused the Bamenda I council to set these needs on top priority.

This was during the examination of the administrative account and
the adoption of the management account and store keepers report session held Thursday April 7, 2022 at the Council Town Hall. As adopted, the 2021 Administrative Account stands at 519 million (five hundred and nineteen million) in Revenue and 472 (four hundred and seventy two million) francs in expenditure.

Projects earmarked for this season include Surface dressing of a road from the palace to Njah quater, The construction of bridges, expansion of some interior roads, the installation of solar system street lights, equipping of Mendakwe health Centre which has been upgraded to the status of a district hospital.

Mayor Mbigha Felix

Other projects include the construction of a water project and support to youths in the municipality for poultry farming by the UNDP.

According to Mayor Mbigha Felix “We realized so many projects last year such as the construction lf classrooms, construction of hospitals, donation to schools and extending electricity in some remote areas which did not have electricity.”

He concluded by extending appreciation to the government for always supporting the council realise projects despite the fact that the council is unable to efficiently raise revenue. The population was not left out for their undoubted support to the council in the realization of projects, and called on all to respect their civic duties in paying taxes for the council to be able to realize more projects.

“I want to seize this opportunity to plead with them that for those who are supposed to contribute to the council by paying their taxes she do so so that we can use those taxes to develop our community because we solely depend on their taxes”

Anye Nde Nsoh

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