North West Regional Assembly Votes People-oriented Budget for 2022

Prof Fru Angwafo III chairing the December session 

The members of the North West Regional Assembly have voted a budget of 3.5 Billion Francs for 2022 with an objective to execute projects geared towards enhancing the lives of the people at the gross root.

In 2022, the Assembly envisages to carryout visibility studies on burnt hospitals and medical centers across the region with a view to rehabilitating them and ensuring they get back to full use.

One of the Assembly members, Rev. Pr. Ayambot Emmanuel challenged the council to put an eye on the youth whose career pattern has been obstructed by the current socio-political crisis in the region. He proposed that alternative jobs should be created for those who who no longer have the opportunity to enter the public service.

A call the Assembly President, Prof Fru Angwafo III said is under serious consideration as the mission of the house is geared towards creating employment for young Cameroonians as well as developing the North West.

On the aspect of the return to peace and normalcy, Prof Fru Angwafo III noted that the peace building mission of the assembly has been approved by government that will see assembly members go down to the field to execute some projects that will engage the youth and eventually build peace.

He also decried the rampant kidnappings and killings in the region. Kidnapping that saw the President of the House of Chiefs, Fon Shumetang Kelvin of Bambalang abducted from his palace on December 7th, 2021. 

The ambitious budget which was unanimously voted had 64 percent for investment and 36 percent as running cost.

As the assembly converged to discuss the future of the region, they counted their blessings for the last 3 months since they last met.

The council was able to mobilize IDPs all over the country especially Douala, Limbe, Yaounde, Bafoussam. Accompanied the Fondom of Nkwen to celebrate their cultural festival, accompanied the commander of the 5th Joint Military Region for a Civil-Military cooperation in Nwa, Donga Mantung Division.

The 3.5 Billion budget could receive a further increase if more resources from the Ministry of Public Works destined towards road construction is decentralized to the regions. Further competences from other ministerial departments are expected to be decentralized.

Speaking on behalf of the Governor of the North West, Representative of the state, Viang Mekala, called on the assembly not to dash the aspirations of the people and work for the effective development of the North West Region.


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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