Council-Community collaboration yielding bountiful harvest in Belo

On CRTV's debate show Press hour, Belo Mayor hints Community-Council collaboration yielding bountiful harvest

Mayor Ngong Innocent, a panelist on CRTV's debate show Press Hour

The population of Belo community located in Boyo Division of the North West region of Cameroon is reaping bountifully harvest from Council-Community collaboration.

On state media as a panelist on CRTV's debate show Press Hour, Mayor Ngong Innocent of Belo Council, emphasized the people of this community's exceptional collaboration with the Belo council, is fast-tracking development and the process of decentralisation in the area, which is evidently fruitful.

With much focus on decentralisation and how palpable?, Mayor Ngong Innocent stated the people of Belo are enjoying the fruits of decentralisation, counting eight bridges constructed with about 60 million FCFA from a 100 million FCFA financial support from MINDEVVEL, a yearly cash transfer since 2019 which helps council run their communities.

In terms of health, 30 nurses for Ntumuku, Bijang and Njichami health centers have been recruited as explained by the Mayor targetting to bring more for other centres. The one tg time National Polytechnic lecturer lamented over the limited or no teachers sent to his municipality in the Basic Educational sector, which limits pupils from having effective education.

"When you talk about recruiting 3000 teachers and Belo is to benefit only of two, it were better we have a quota of 10 to 15 which will be of great help to us." Ngong Innocent explained

For Public Works, the young dynamic Mayor revealed that 27 million CFA is transferred every year to council's and used for road maintenance but says councils are still anxiously waiting for the 15% from the State budget as inscribed in the general code of local and regional authorities.

"The machinery is grinding slowly but my wish is that everything with regards to the 15% be transferred to Mindevvel given that they have proven their worth in the strict management and disbursement of the necessary funds."

Belo Council being one of the largest councils in the Northwest region, is located in Boyo Division of the North West region of Cameroon. The Municipality is comprises of 29 villages and touristic hills.

Anye Nde Nsoh

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