Who wants Biya's NASLA project to Fail?

President Paul Biya

A diabolic plan by some well-known individuals  to puncture the vision of President Paul Biya  to redynamise decentralistion across  Cameroon and enhance  local development  has been exposed.

At the heart of what sources within the corridors of power said smacks  of a coup are some Regional Council Presidents. The Regioal Council bosses are said to have entered an unholy alliance with a certain Non Governmental Organisation, NGO.

 Municipal Updates gathered that, the said NGO had the task to train human resources for potential intake by these regional councils. A little over 1000 staff were already earmarked for the first phase, this reporter gathered.

Informed of this agenda late last year, the Minister Decentralization and Local Development, George Elanga Obam issued a communique warning any group or group of persons who were going contrary to government’s local development policy.

The minister was shocked that his ministry was not aware of such plans. The Minister in the same letter emphasized that such is  the preserve  of the National  School of Local  Administration, NASLA. He stated that the local development school is the sole authority charged with the powers to train council staff.

The action by a group of Regional Council Presidents, observers  have said, jeopardizes government's intention to make local governance in Cameroona model  that  other African countries will copy.

Communique stopping any other training for Council staff outside NASLA, Sighed by Decentralisation Minister 

According to the decree creating the National School of Local Administration, NASLA, the President of the Republic, Paul Biya, in article 5, it states that, NASLA shall ensure professional training in areas of local administration in accordance with the general guidelines defined by the government.

Article 6 further elaborates that: "NASLA shall laise with regional and local authorities, their establishments and trade unions or associations to assess training needs in local administration. It shall then prepare training plans."

In article 7 of the same decree: "NASLA shall guarantee equal access to lectures and trainings in English and French, and to any Cameroonian meeting the academic requirements, within its accomodation capacity".

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