UNDP Partners with farmers to grow Chicks in Bamenda II

Farmers receiving poultry inputs 

10 poultry farmers in the Bamenda II municipality have benefitted from 300 chicks each, 21 bags of feed and other items needed to grow the chicks from Day old to the market.

This package handed to the farmers is part of the ongoing recovery program of the United Nations Development Program, UNDP.

The 10 farmers selected are old hands in the poultry business but saw their farms in ruins at the wake of the Anglophone crisis. To one of the farmers, she lost 7000 table birds and has had it difficult to recover from the shock. This is further compounded with the fact that many employed as a result of the process all lost their jobs.

Tse Louis Angwafo, 1st Deputy Mayor appreciating UNDP

Bamenda like other towns in the North West saw an unprecedented hike in the prices of chicken and its related products in the month of December largely due its unavailability.

Households could be seen shuffling between fish and beef, with chicken becoming a luxury. The beneficiary, all women praised the UNDP staff for this great rescue.

Quizzed why all women, the first Deputy Mayor of the Bamenda II Council, Tse Louis Angwafo was categorical that with women they're sure that family will have something to depend on and they will be a substantial plough back.

Farming items

The women were selected after applying to the council after the setting up of the Presidential plan for the reconstruction of the North West and South West. And on the field study was carried out by the UNDP and staff of the Bamenda II Council to actually ascertain the veracity of the claims by the farmers.

As a pilot phase, the inputs handed to the farmers will see them only grow the chicks as everything to ensure their sustainability has given.

UNDP hopes to have the farmers win prices at the 2022 agric show and also improve the quantity of table birds in their farms in the nearest future.

Other farmers in the Bamenda I and III Council areas will be visited in the days ahead.

The chicks handed will be expected in the market in the month of March


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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