World AIDS Day: Women With HIV Can Put To Birth HIV-Free Babies

Viang Mekala chairs celebrations of world AIDS Day in Bamenda

Five women have successfully put to birth HIV Free Babies at Laquantini hospital in Cameroon's Economic capital, Douala. These births have been celebrated in the North West Region as health officials say it is possible for HIV carriers to give birth to HIV Free Babies.

This feat was celebrated as the North West Region joined the world over to celebrate World AIDS Day with focus to end inequality, End AIDS and Pandemics.

In its 34th edition, the region which is laden in a socio-political crisis saw patients living on anti retroviral drugs displaced.

Dr Mrs Tayong Gladys, of the Expanded program for the fight against HIV encouraged the internally displaced persons to engage without further delay at the nearest health facility.

According to a survey conducted in 2018, the prevalence rate of HIV in the North West stands at 4%, down from 8.7% in 2004. As at now, they're 40,000 patients on treatment.

The region currently runs a program of "No User Fee in HIV" that exempts persons living with HIV from paying certain services. Anti retroviral therapy are offered free of charge and for pregnant women, more free services are offered.

In Cameroon, the government and its partners adopted a strategy known as 95, 95, 95 in 2014 to help curb the spread of HIV and AIDS in children and adolescent as 84% of people leaving with HIV to know their status and 71% of people living with HIV have access to treatment in 2021.

Health workers in the North West commemorated the day under the slogan, Together for the protection and Improvement of Care for our children and Adolescents with focus on ensuring that more and more Cameroonians get tested and know their HIV status.

In this light, the representative of the Governor of the North West, Viang Mekala, acknowledged that there is increased need for care for our children and adolescent.

While mourning those who have passed on due to HIV, the SG at the North West Governor's office noted that teenagers must adopt an approach that curb the spread the of virus by adopting healthy sexual behaviours.

The 34th edition of World AIDS Day also saw an award to Ndongla Fred as best worker of the year


Fomusoh Rachel

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