Violence surge in school milieu, Cameroon Fulbright TEA Alumni Association furnish teachers

Violence which has been a cankerworm in school milieu from time immemorial has taken an upward surge in recent times in primary schools, secondary schools and Universities in Cameroon and the world at large, leaving devastating effects.

Statistics from the regional delegation of Secondary education in the North West region has proven that both students, teachers and infrastructures have been violated by external forces. 289 students kidnapped and tortured four years back, a year after it dropped to 24, 10 students this academic year have been violated not leaving out a student who died last academic year after being kidnapped and tortured. Over 400 schools have also been violated.

Thus the Cameroon Fulbright Alumni Association in collaboration with the US Government have stepped in to empower teachers in combatting violence in the school milieu. This was during a workshop held on Wednesday 15 December 2021 at the conference hall of the regional delegation of secondary education, bringing together teachers from schools across the region to share their experiences and propose solutions in combatting violence.

Regional Delegate of Secondary Education Ngwang Roland Yuven

Ngwang Roland Yuven Regional Deledate for Eecondary Education in his opening remarks to the teachers lamented over the horrible happenings in schools, calling for inclusiveness to fight against violence "We cannot concentrate on teaching and learning without handling issues about  violence. The stories from other regions have been bewildering and the picture in the Northwest region is equally bewildering."

"The workshop is coming very timely when the region is facing crisis and I expect that the participants of this workshop will not just take the inputs from this workshop to benefit them directly but they will take it to their institutions and cause their colleagues to pickup the positive to help our schools"

Before the workshop, the  sector has been trying to battle violence by involving the Parents Teachers Association PTA and redesigning the rules and regulations of schools to suit the present context. 

Sam Canisius A,  President of Cameroon Fulbright TEA Alimni Association

Mr. Sam Canisius A,  President of Cameroon Fulbright TEA Alimni Association hopes at the end of the workshop aimed at maintaining peace in schools and to completely eradicate violence, teachers will spread the message to other colleagues for an eventual safe school environment

"After this workshop, we expect all the participants to become ambassadors to empower their colleagues in their diferent schools and environmental so that violence can be eradicated. So we are empowering teachers to go and empower others,"

The Countering Violence in School Milieu project is a project sponsored by the US Embassy is Cameroon in an effort to consolidate peaceful relation with the people and government of both countries. The project has toured through the East, South West, North West, North, Far North, South, West and the North West not being an exception.

Anye Nde Nsoh

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  1. Great initiative from the Fulbright TEA Alumni Association,just on time when the school environments are becoming something else.

  2. Thank you for coming on to project this initiative to a broader population. The Cameroon Fulbright TEA Alumni Association shall have no reason to sleep so long as violence remains a challenge. After the series of workshops for the Countering Violence in School Milieu project, the baton has been passed on to the workshop participants who were empowered to be peace ambassadors. They have to ensure that schools in their communities are safer from violence.