Nwa Mayor Decries Neglect, Appeals For Attention NOW

Nwa Mayor to the left explain Problems facing the subdivision 

Menyong Lawrence, the Mayor of Nwa Council in Nwa subdivision, Donga Mantung Division of the North West region has described the subdivision as the most neglected subdivision in Cameroon.
 Menyong Lawrence made the remark as he welcomed the commander of the 5th Joint Military Region, Brigadier General Nka Valere to Nwa.

The Mayor stated that the municipality created on July 4, 1963, is the oldest subdivision in Cameroon, yet lacks everything.

He lamented that there is no electricity supply in the subdivision, thus forcing businesses to operate with generators or newly installed solar lamps planted by the council some few months back.

Menyong stated that the solar energy project came as a sigh of relief to the community that can only see the solar street lights but cannot have them at home.

Fons of Nwa decorates General Nka

While some villagers are clamouring for the electricity extension project to get to the subdivision, others blame the lack of social amenities on the poor road network leading to the capital of the subdivision.

From winding bends to rocky roads and steep hills, a typical Nwa man who was born 58 years ago when the subdivision was created has never seen a coat of tar.

Dusty and rocky roads are the first to welcome you to the subdivision.

As Cameroon prepares to emerge in 2035, civil servants and others working in the subdivision find it very difficult to have access to the internet. To reply to mails, a man resident in Nwa Centre will have to hit the road to Sabongari where there is some level of internet connectivity. The journey costs nothing less than 6000 frs, to and fro.

With a hospital, the population that has fought very hard to prevent separatists activities cannot boast of an identification unit.

Massive population turnout 

Residents have to travel to other subdivisions and mostly to the Divisional capital, Nkambe, just to procure the precious civil status and identification documents like birth certificates and the National Identity card.

Nwa subdivision has limited access to health care as the health Centre neither has electricity nor does it possess a generator for emergency situations that may arise at night.

In a health campaign launched in Nwa recently by Doctors of the 5th Joint Military Region, hundreds of persons from far and near benefitted from free consultations and medications. A retired nurse told The Observer that "never have we seen this in Nwa. The doctors did precise diagnosis and the drugs are effective." a resident told Observer237. 

In pure North West fashion of hospitality, the people came from all the 42 villages that make up Nwa to welcome the army General. Abdul, a bike rider noted that this is the first time the subdivision is having a high profile personality to spend a night in the village after the Late Simon Achidi Achu, former Prime Minister in the early 90s.

Made up of 120,000 inhabitants, Nwa subdivision has tourist attractions like caves, the Mbuku Water fall in Adere, the largest in West Africa according to the Mayor and the famous Rom rock. 

The population made up of both Muslims and Christians has a rich agricultural potential with fishing carried out in most streams around the area plus rice cultivation in Mbot which if harness, can employ a good number of persons. 

Nwa subdivision is not left out of the socio-political crisis in the North West and South West regions. While the villagers have been able to push the separatist fighters to the borders, the villages of Mbom, Lus and others bordering Nigeria still have attacks perpetrated there. 

Mayor Menyong Lawrence insisted to General Nka Valere that for long lasting peace to return to the subdivision, more security personnel should be deployed to the subdivision. 

In response to the worries of the villagers, Brigadier General Nka Valere told the population to continue upholding peace while other actions will be carried out to accompany them. 

After inaugurating a renovated school, sending medical personnel, Gen Nka handed Christmas items consisting of goods of basic necessity to the people to celebrate Christmas. 

His visit ended in Nwa with the award of a trophy after a hotly contested match between Sabongari and Nwa town that ended in a stalemate. 

As General Nka left Nwa, he left with a plea to inform the Head of state to uplift Nwa from a subdivision to a Division. 


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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