North West: Regional Councillors Fetes New Year with Ex Combattants, Make promises for 2022

Councillors of the North West Regional Assembly have paid a courtesy visit to the Disarmament, Demobilisation and Reintegration Centre, DDR Bamenda where they handed several items to the ex-fighters.

Leading the delegation of 8, the Commissioner for Economic Development, Ghejung Awunti saluted the ex-fighters who saw reasons to drop their weapons and return to the state.

Many ex-fighters have been disgruntled over the period used to re-integrate them into the society.

To Ghejung Awunti, the they have been considered fully in the Regional Development plan that was launched last week by North West Governor.

"We came to give them hope and tell them to continue learning their traits. We are brothers and sisters and we will support each other to see that they finally get back to the society."

"This is the first step. We are going to continue in 2022 in accompanying these ex-fighters with materials needed to fast track their stay." Ghejung said.

The regional assembly members handed cooking oil, soap and clothing for New year festivities.

Speaking to the assembly members, the ex-fighters appreciated their efforts and hoped that the assembly actually factors them into the development of the region.

They reminded the assembly members to each within his sphere talk to their former colleagues who are hesitant to regain normal life and leave the bushes.

The DDR Bamenda centre was created in 2018 and more than 250 former fighter are currently at the centre or have passed through the centre and some have been integrated.

The regional assembly plans to pay regular visits to the centre and ensure a close follow-up of the ex-combattants.


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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