New Year Celebrations: Bamenda II Mayor Gifts Rice to women

Mayor Chenwi Peter fetes with women

"Buyam Sellam" women of Bamenda II municipality have described Mayor Chenwi Peter as father Christmas after he handed to them 200 bags of rice for the New Year.

To the women, not every politician considers women in their policy execution especially buyam sellams.

In songs and dance, the women carried the mayor to the air, saluting his efforts and promising him their total collaboration for 2022.

Tekwe Glory, representative of the women in an address called on the Mayor to work with the powers that be to ensure that long-lasting peace returns to the subdivision

"We are tired of burying our children and husbands. The bloodshed is too much and we want normalcy to return."

Mayor Chenwi Peter, dancing to the rhythm of North West traditional songs embraced the women and congratulated them for their steadfastness and resistance in the face of the ongoing crisis.

"We are all products of women, some of you have single-handedly carried us on your backs just to ensure that we become great people. We decided to assemble you here today to say thank you"

Mayor Chenwi Peter dancing with women

My doors are always open and anytime you're in need, please don't forget to pass around".

The distribution of food to women adds to that of bike riders and school-going children over the last three months.

Mayor Chenwi Peter says his policy is to ensure that the community feels the impact of the council in both projects and direct assistance.

The Bamenda II Council area hosts so many IDPs who throng the office of the Mayor for assistance every day. Mayor Chenwi says he will continue helping and assisting women as long as he has the means.

On the subject of ending the crisis, Mayor Chenwi received the pleas of the women and says he will work with his political allies to ensure that something is done for lasting peace.


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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