Imminent Food Shortage: MIDENO Advises farmers to return to farms

Cletus Anye Matoya flanked by His Technical Director and Director of Finance

The General Manager of the North West Development Authority (MIDENO), Cletus Anye Matoya has hinted that there is an imminent food shortage looming over the North West Region should farmers not return to their farms.

The General Manager was speaking at a Press Conference in Bamenda, Wednesday 15th December 2021 as he clocks 3 years in office.

Food prices have reached an unprecedented hike as a result of many farmers who no longer reside at their base.

The socio-political crisis in the North West region has forced several farmers to abandon their farms. Others ran to safety when harvest was almost due abandoning their produce while the current social strife in this region has forced some farmers to be emprovished with others consuming their seeds.

In order to assist farmers and ensure that those who lost their harvest can regain their farms, MIDENO dished out 6.83 tons of improved maize seeds this year. No fewer than 200,000 cassava stems have been distributed over the past three years.

Gwain Colbert, Freelance Journalist 

The authority also envisages to distribute 40 tons of maize in 2022. This will be divided into two. A free distribution during the launch of the agric season as well as selling to farmers at subsidized rates in the various divisions.

MIDENO under Cletus Anye Matoya has ensured that salaries of workers are paid regularly while other allowances like housing have been incorporated into their payslips for the first time since 2008.

Accumulated CNPS dues have been cleared meaning workers on retirement can now collect their dues.

Journalists at the Press conference 

The North West Development Authority has carried out a good number of feasibility studies to ensure they improve the livelihood of rural communities.

MIDENO has signed an MoU with the Ministry of public works that gives them the leverage to carryon with the construction of some road infrastructure one of such was the maintenance of parts of the National road Number 6 at Akum that rendered many stranded during the rainy season. 

To create physical impact, Rice cultivation in the Mboh, Mbonso basin will be improved. Dams and dykes have been constructed to ensure irrigation in the dry season. This, the Development Authority has also constructed infrastructures to accompany the farmers.

MIDENO has also finalised feasibility studies aimed at identifying the hydro-electric potentials in the North West region.

MIDENO is seeking to be self reliant by using its equipment pool to help and sustain communities.

Cletus Anye Matorya says that communities that warrant MIDENO to maintain their road networks should simply write to the authority.

The staff representative of the authority without mincing words saluted the management prowess of the General Manager and requested that labour medals be made available to meritorious workers


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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