Civil-Miliatry cooperation: Fons of Nwa request palaces to be reconstructed, children recruited into the army

Fons of Nwa after an audience with Gen Nka

Fons of Nwa subdivision have called on the government of Cameroon to reconstruct their palaces and make it accessible for them.

This comes after several Fons of the subdivision lost their palaces to fire after the invasion of separatist fighters.

Fon Mamngolly

According to Fon Mamngolly Emmanuel of Mbom, they had to run for their dear lives into neighbouring Adamawa region while Fon Jator Patrice Guwo III of Lus is an IDP in Nwa, with shelter provided by the military.

The Fons told Brigadier General Nka Valere to report to the competent authorities to ensure that these palaces are reconstructed for them to return home with their families.

General Nka told the Fons that the reconstruction of their palaces falls squarely in the presidential plan for the reconstruction of the North West and South West regions.

The Fons further appealed to the commander of the 5th Joint Military Region to get their sons and daughters recruited in the army. This they argue that their collaboration with the military this far is testimony enough for them to be recruited. Other Fons like His Majesty Fon Fowanko Timothy III of Ntem expressed the need for more security posts to be created in the subdivision especially as it bothers Nigeria. 

A plea the General says shall be looked into with consultation with his hierarchy. 

Fon Mamngolly of Bom cried that all his cattle, goats, fowls have been chartered away into neighbouring Nigeria by armed fighters. 

The Fons of Nwa further expressed their frustration with the road network leading to the subdivision. The road through the hills of Sagongari are very Rocky with shallow bends leading to the subdivision. 

He says when it rains, people are forced to spend nights on the roads with prices increasing exponentially during the rainy season. 

It will gladden the heart of any Nwa man if the road network is improved to meet 21st century reality. 

The subdivision in Donga Mantung Division was created in 1963. 58 years after, the subdivision lacks basic infrastructure like roads and amenities like electricity and the internet. 

The village of Nwa was in total darkness till 3 months ago when the council decided to set up solar energy. 

The socio-political crisis in this part of the North West region has led to a mass exodus of the youthful population who have either settled in the West Region, Adamawa region, ran into Nigeria or are IDPs in the Regional capital, Bamenda. 

A man from Nwa needs at least 25,000 frs to get to Bamenda through Magba in the West Region. 


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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