Bamendakwe: Bamenda I Mayor calls for unity, togetherness at '' Neukwe'' Festival

Mayor Mbigha Felix at the Neukwe Festival 

The Mayor of Bamenda I Council, Mbigha Njah Felix has openly called on the villagers of Bamendakwe to forgive the atrocities committed by former Amba fighters who have dropped their guns and working for peace.

The Mayor was speaking as he welcomed sons and daughters of Bamendakwe from far and Near, visitors to the palace of Fon Forchesiri III as he celebrated the life of his grand father, Fon Forsuh Forchesiri II.

The Mayor pleaded with the community to forgive the fighters as they have formed themselves to a vigilante group and today stand to protect the village.

Fon of Bamendakwe 

Bamendakwe was one of the last villages to join the quest for the creation of a new state known as Ambazonia in the English speaking regions of Cameroon. The fighters caused havoc like shooting, killing, raping, looting and kidnapping children who went to school. 

These acts forced several villagers to flee from their houses while others became IDPs in other towns.

Mayor Mbigha Felix since taking over the helm of the council used diverse tactics to get the boys drop their arms.

Unlike at the public show to present the current Fon of Bamendakwe held in February 2020, where gunshots were heard, the scenario was different less than two years on as convivial atmosphere filled with smiles welcomed the people.

The holding of the Neukwe, a traditional Festival to celebrate the life of a deceased Fon is going on unperturbed.

Mayor Mbigha rallied the population to never again think that violence can solve any problem, anywhere.

Speaking at the Neukwe, the Secretary General of the North West Governor's office, Viang Mekala saluted the peaceful atmosphere that reigns in the subdivision and called on the population to collaborate with them for the protection of life and property.

The Neukwe officially ends on January 2nd, 2022.


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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