NW Women applaud Biya for empowerment during 39th Anniversary celebration

 Yang Philemon leading Solemn walk

CPDM women of the North West have applauded President Paul Biya for entrusting more leadership positions to women during his 39 years stay at the helm of government as head of state. 

They say he has not only created a ministry specifically dedicated to Womens' Empowerment and the family but has ensured the creation of some 100 women empowerment centres in the entire country.

Dr Mrs Neba

Speaking for the women, Dr Mrs Neba Ndoh Siri reminded the women that in 1982 when President Paul Biya took over the government,  their children attended the lone University of Yaounde.  In 2021, some eight state Universities are fully functional with the Universities of Ngoundere and Bamenda headed by women from North West extraction.

According to Dr Mrs Neba, Inspector General of services at the Ministry of Women Empowerment and the family, the head of state has as mission to continue the women empowerment process in the country.

Cameroon currently counts 26 female senators out of 100 and 61 women in the National Assembly out of 180.

The women of WCPDM joined their counterparts of CPDM and YCPDM to salute the creation of primary and secondary schools in every community, health centres, and a stable economy as some of the achievements of the President of the Republic in 39 years.

Sworn in as the second President of the Republic of Cameroon on the 6th November 1982, President Paul Biya is believed to have won all elections he has participated in with the last in 2018.

CPDM party faithfuls who gathered at the Bamenda Congress Hall wished long life and prosperity to the Presidential couple.

The occasion also gave room for the party to show the winners of the just ended reorganisation of basic organs.

It what turned almost deadly in other regions, the North West region had a hitch free reorganisation. 

Though some candidates  hoped for posts but did not have, the leader of the Permanent Delegation to the North West, Philemon Yang, prescribed reconciliation and called on everyone to bury their anger and forge together ahead as one.

Celebrated under the theme: "All united and gathered behind President Paul Biya for the diplomatic, cultural and sporting influence of a Cameroon that is one and indivisible, decentralised and emerging, which guarantees Living together, social peace, Territorial Integrity, consolidation of National Unity and accelerated development of our country" the event saw the supporters of Paul Biya dance to traditional pieces from several dance groups from various regions across the country.

Philemon Yang and members of Government staged a March in support of the President of the Republic from the Bamenda Congress Hall to the Bamenda commercial Avenue Grand Stand


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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