PM Dion Ngute Announces start of construction works on Bamenda-Babajou

Prime Minister, Joseph Dion Ngute 

The Prime Minister, Head of Government Chief Dr Joseph Dion Ngute has announced the eventual re-start of construction works on the Bamenda-Babajou road.

In his working visit to the North West Region to explain the implementation of resolutions of the Major National Dialogue, the Prime Minister hinted that the ban on the construction of the road by the world Bank has been lifted

"As I arrive Yaounde I will meet with the three contracting company and commission them into work immediately. I can assure you that the works will commence before the close of the month." The PM told the people of the North West.

The road which was initially awarded to Sogea Satom has been divided into three and shall be implemented by three companies of North West extraction. BUNS, BOFAS and Edge.

Chief Dr Joseph Dion Ngute also hinted that the works will advance at a lightening speed.

"the next time I come here, the construction will he well advanced.

Because of the nature of the road, many people proposed that I should use a helicopter. I refused because I wanted to feel what the common man feels." Dion Ngute told the crowd.

The opening of the road had started within the Bamenda City Council area and was stopped because of a litigation launched by lawyers claiming that compensation was not paid to some individuals before their properties were destroyed. The World Bank suppressed the works before lifting the suspension last week. 

The poor state of the Bamenda-Babajou road has been a subject of discussion for years now. A distance that should normally take 45 minutes is covered for nothing less than 2 hours.

The urban perimeter of Bamenda will be a 30 metre wide road according to the City Mayor of the Bamenda City Council, Paul Achobong. 

The announcement by the PM was saluted by a thunderous applause with hope that the works will commence as stated. 


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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