Falling Tree kills one in Bamenda

Fuhnwi Eric popularly known as Flames, a young, vibrant and dynamic, exemplary young man has mischievously joined his ancestors after being hit by a falling tree. He died Wednesday October 20, 2021 after spending over a week at the Regional Hospital in Bamenda.

On Tuesday October 12, 2021, while he was returning from his work place at the commercial avenue, the young man dropped from a taxi at the entrance to the Regional Hospital Bamenda and was struggling to hid himself from the heavy downpour that was characterised by heavy winds.

While running to a nearby provision store, one of the very tall coniferous stress along the main road to Che Street, already rotten from inside and eaten by termites was pushed by the wind which unfortunately fell on Fuh Eric.

For over five minutes, nobody realised Fuhnwi Eric had been covered by the tree and it was thanks to a passer-by who saw it from afar, rushed to the scene and tried to save him but while the tree was falling it brought down some cables supplying electricity which made the whole area electrified and difficult to hurriedly safe Eric.

Fortunately for those who immediately appeared at the Scene, power outage was immediately experienced giving room for persons to look for machetes, cut the branches in order to save his life. With many thinking he was already dead and discussing it loudly, Eric being a fighter struggled, moved his hand giving people the spirit to hasten up and rush him to the hospital where he unfortunately joined his ancestors a week later.

The Atmosphere at the hospital after his death

After news of Fuhnwi Eric's dead hit social media early Wednesday 20, 2021, several hearts were broken, many became demoralised while others are still left in absolute confusion and shock.

Questions such as what are such very tall fig trees doing by the road side with no care taken?

Why will the tree only fall when just him was passing and the wind of that day wasn't as intensed as other days?

Is it ill luck or what actually happened? 

Why is it that only the good ones die very painful deaths? 

The observer237.com visiting the scene days after the incident has gather that some of those trees along the stretch of road leading to Hospital Round about needs to be put down to avoid more of such incidents. Some of the trees are already dried and should be forced down by authorities. 

Fuhnwi Eric is a young man in his mid 20's. He obtained his Ordinary Level Certificate in PSS Bafut and later moved to CPC Bali where he had his Advanced level certificate. He studied with HICM at the University of Bamenda where he obtained a degree.  

He died as a good singer with the University of Bamenda's Choir, Banker and a Member of PECA of the Presbyterian Church.

Anye Nde Nsoh

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  1. Sahhh this is terrible,may his gentle soul rest in perfect peace