Cross and die kisses "dust", Bamenda shuns memorial ghost town

Corpse of General Cross and Die at the Hospital Roundabout

The people of Ntamafe, Mankon, one of the quarters of Bamenda II subdivision have heaved a sigh of relief after self proclaimed General Cross and Die, a separatist fighter was killed by the military.

On several videos online, the dreaded Amba warlord had promised hell on the military should they attempt to dislodge his camp in Ntanka or disrupt his activities.

Friday October 29th 2021 was the day the defense and security forces went for a manhunt for General Cross and Die. In an operation described as swift, he was chartered away and his pistol retrieved.

Allegations that he was a known rapist and at the Centre of several kidnappings for ransom have emerged.

His last outing was a video where two healthy looking boys were brought before him and accused of claiming to be separatist fighters.

In the video he said in pidgin English- a lingua Franca in the English-speaking parts of Cameroon; "Na whona nor. I no be dong warn whona? Na whona end this so" loosely translated that he had warned the boys to desist and they didn't listen.

Cross and Die kills two

Their corpses were later on found around Ntarinkon, located some 8 kilometres from his base

In a way to coerce the population to pay tribute to the fallen warlord, one of the separatists leaders abroad, Capo Daniel, called for a lockdown of Bamenda which was hugely ignored. 

Thunderous gunshots could be heard at Ntarikon, Longla, Ngomgham and rendezvous neighborhoods in the early hours of Saturday 30th October 2021.

Unlike in previous scenarios where such always resulted in a deserted town, the population went about their activities unperturbed shortly after the gunshots. 

The one who showed no pity to anyone least expected his demise to come too soon. 

Beginning from Mile 8 Mankon down to the palace, it is a taboo to talk negative of their activities. Anyone daring to talk negative might  just be the next to go.

The corpse of General Cross and Die was dropped at Bamenda Hospital roundabout where the population turned out massively to behold the remains of one who was most dreaded.

Brigadier General Nka Valere visits site
To congratulate the officers for their brilliant work, Brigadier General Nka Valere of the 5th Joint Military region and other Colonels visited the site. He could be heard talking to some people close to the corpse "tell your children that this is not a way of life. They're needed to rebuild this country. Our mission is not to kill anyone but to protect the lives and property of the people"

The death of Cross and Die adds to five other casualties recorded on Thursday 28th October 2021.

Separatist fighters attempted to stop traffic in Akum, a regular practice to extort money from passengers. Unfortunately, they met a stiff resistance from the army that pushed them down the slopes. At Mile 87 in Bali, Princewill leader of the gang and five others were killed in the process. One automatic rifle was recovered.

The army is still to capture General No Pity who inflicted a heavy blow on the defense and security forces some months back. Sources in the army say he was missed in Ake, a village in Boyo Division but the size of his troops has been greatly downsized, and heavy war equipment seized.

These special operations in the North West have been ongoing without any noise with the army hoping that the current killings will serve as a deterrent to other fighters


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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