Belo Council aid farmers attain bountiful harvest

For the past years, farmers in Belo Municipality have encountered several difficulties in farming, transporting, and preserving of their farm produce. The area which is renowned for the cultivation of Irish potatoes and beans have found it very difficult in trainspotting these products from the farms to markets and to preserve for eventual sales due to lack of means of transportation, bridges to cross and storage bands.

These have therefore forced the Mayor of Belo Council Mayor Ngong Innocent to seek for support and in implementation of president Paul Biya's vision of investing in agricultural to Come to the aid of these farmers by providing some farming tools to over six farming groups in the area.

Some items donated to Farmers 

A total of 115 machetes, 70 rain boats, 72 hoes, 24 shovels, 5 Motorbikes, 5 Sprayers and 3 grinding machines were distributed amongst Acha Tomato Farmers, Jrankung Mixed Farming Group, ANYEA, Mica Foods, Harmony Sisters and other farming groups in Belo Municipality. 

The aforementioned groups according to Mayor Ngong innocent Ankiambom were those who had applied for support to facilitate their activities as farmers which was approved by the government. 

In addition to the above equipments donated to farmers, Belo Council has built over four bridges for easy transportation of farm products to various markets. A potatoes magazine construction is ongoing at Anyajoah to enable farmers temporarily store their potatoes and eventual sell them. 

While addressing the people of Belo, Mayor Ngong called on other farming groups to keep up the great work, saying they have not been forgotten and will subsequently receive aid from the government. 

Mayor Ngong Innocent

"We are calling on other farmers that were reluctant to come closer to the council to come and request what they need to be able to produce, conserve and transport their products"

Being a flag bearer of Prime Minister's peace message Mayor Ngong Innocent used the opportunity called on all to be peace ambassadors reiterating Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute's message of peace 

"We are calling on the farmers who are on the base that as the Prime Minister was here calling on peace to return, we have also called on the farmers to preach peace. 
If they don't preach peace, they might be able to cultivate and will not be able to harvest because they will be on the run  we are to go closer to the fighters and preach peace reasons why we are calling on the farmers to implement in the field. 
We are greatful that we are not only donating farm materials but also an opportunity for us to call on the farmers and representatives of the various groups to preach peace everywhere they go because you might cultivate and be unable to harvest because of insecurity."

The beneficiaries expressed their satisfaction for the gifts and promised to give in their best while spreading the message of peace. 

 Belo Council is located in Belo Subdivision, Boyo Division of the North West region of Cameroon. One of the 34 councils in the North West region covering an area of about 346 square kilometres. 

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