Bambui-Bambili Road: Highway of Shame

Current state of the road 

The lone highway leading to the University of Bamenda has greatly depreciated beyond recognition. 

The stretch of the road from Bambui to Bambili has developed several cracks with runoff passing directly on the road creating gutters and making driving a nightmare. 

One year on since the road works started in Bambili, very little has been achieved. The road has been opened into a dual carriage way from the University of Bamenda right down to Elissam hotel. The gutters along this stretch has been constructed. 

Unfortunately, the works have gone on like a snake attempting to run on a cement floor. The poor state has led to an increment in taxi fares. A passenger who used to pay 300frs from the central business district in 2015 is now required to pay 700 frs in 2021.

Students are parked like sardine in a tourist car carrying seven passengers instead of five. 
With drivers unable to run at full gear, lectures have been kidnapped along that stretch as the English-speaking regions of Cameroon enter the 5th year of an armed conflict. 

Press release from Synes UBa

On the 18th of October 2021, the National union of teachers of Higher Education, SYNES, Bamenda chapter promised to go on strike. 

The reasons advanced amongst others stated that "the potholes now serve as easy traps for informal gunmen to surrender at gunpoint and kidnap university staff." The President of SYNES UBa, Prof Micheal Kpughe further noted that if the road is completed and rendered fluid, it will greatly reduce acts of kidnapping. 

Mayor Tanjong Martin speaking to the Observer in 2020

On the 17th of October 2020, the Mayor of Tubah, Tanjong Martin announced the road works and stated emphatically that it will be carried out by Edge construction company. Till this date the terms of the contract and duration of execution is not known. 

Speaking to the observer, Martin, a student says "it is better to live in Bambili than use public transport to school. It is hell to get to school. The worse is when returning home. Taxis are in short supply." 

Urgent maintenance works are needed for lecturers and students to access campus in record time. 

Be it the Mayor or the contracting company, one of them must ensure that as rains give way, the road becomes a source of pride to the population of Tubah and the other Divisions like Ngoketunjia and Bui that uses this same stretch of road. 


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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