Bafut Mayors, Deputies, councillors get approval of allowances

.           Mayor Ngwakongoh Lawrence 

Councillors of Bafut Municipality have voted fixing the allowances of the Mayor and his Deputies while the run activities of the council. .

The deliberations were held Saturday October 2, 2021, in an extraordinary council session seeking to put to practice the operational mechanism of the council from a recent decision taken by the Minister of Decentralisation and Local Development to all councils.

A move which has been welcomed by Mayors and Deputies who have been working without a fixed allowance and councillors who now have transportation allowances attached to their sitting allowance. 

The ministerial order covers the sitting allowances, missions, house maintenance, renumeration and other benefits to the Mayor and sitting allowances for municipal councillors. The decision of the Minister of Decentralisation, makes the allocations as per council category.

Being third in terms of development in the North West based on a recent evaluation by MINDDEVEL, the Bafut council has been able to realized almost all it's projects envisaged for this year due to Bafut arrangements which according to the Mayor Ngwakongoh Lawrence is a method used by making the people of Bafut know the importance of development in the area which they all collaborated despite the prevailing insecurity situation.

Some of the projects realized include Renovation of the medical Health Center in Akosi Bafut, the same structure being constructed in lower Bafut Mbekung which is the district hospital already realised. Construction of the Njibang bridge,The Nsem Tabuweh earth road leading to Achieni , The supply of medical equipment to Mundum Health center, Donation of Gifts to the poor and needy. 

Council projects 

Renovation of PSS Bafut
Renovation of Police post to be handed over for the production of ID cards
Sensitization and disinfection against COVID 19

The people of Bafut were attacked by the deadly coronavirus pandemic particularly around Nso bit thanks to the time intervention of the Mayor in disinfecting and sensitization, the virus has been contained. He therefore called on all Bafut people to respect barrier measures put in place by the state 

"If you have not heard any alarm from me it shows that the effect of COVID in Bafut has dropped but this does not mean there is no covid. I am calling on the population of Bafut to keep on respecting the barrier measures set A-side by the state mindful of the fact that the council is at their disposal to provide prevention kits to any community in need and the situation in Bafut is under control."

Due to their realization rate, Mayor Ngwakongoh Lawrence says the council is open for more projects

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