National Interpools: Matchday Two, Gazelle through to Elite Riziere out

Gazelle FA de Bertoua, champions of the East regional League have gained promotion into Cameroon Elite Two championship after beating South regional rivals FC Ebolowa 2#1, at Bamendzi Stadium in Bafoussam.

Played this Wednesday September 22, 2021, Gazelle put up a good fight dominating the entire game. Their dominance became more evident when Amadou Mahanat netted the first goal sending Gazelle one step ahead.

FC Ebolowa stood their grounds levelling scores from a strike by Joseph Moussassa. All hopes were not loss for Gazelle who were Bent on sailing through.

Hadji Issa Moustapha's late goal finally gave Gazelle the lead sending then to Elite Two.


Best Stars Academy of Limbe stopped Riziere FC de Tonga's plans of gaining an Elite Two ticket by playing a 1#1 game.

Just when Riziere thought they will have a smooth run facing Best Stars, the boys of coach Keukang rather made very difficult for them. 

Ferdinand Nyuyki opened scores for Best Stars but the goal was easily cancelled by Andre Mbarga concluding the game 1#1.  

Riziere FC de Tonga have been sent out of the National Interpools while Best Stars of Limbe will take on Rangers FC of Bafut hoping to emerge victorious and saile through to the Elite One. 

Classification Table 

Rangers FC 3pts
Best Stars 1pt
Riziere 1pt

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