Fundong Council holds mid-year session, targets income generating activities

In the midst of the ongoing socio-political unrest in the North West region of Cameroon in it's five years and counting, several activities have been halted with some delayed. One of the sectors hard hit is the economic sector with income generating activities limited while some have seized from existence in certain areas. Tax collection have been very timid which hinders progress of projects. 

During the Fundong Council's mid-year evaluation   session held Saturday 3 September 2021 in the council hall in Fundong, Mayor Awoh Ndang Denis made it clear to all councillors present that henceforth income generating activities will be on top priority considering the council cannot continue depending on local tax collection or Council Additional Taxes from FEICOM. 

In generating income, the council will be looking forward in acquiring a heavy duty truck which can bring in some income to the council, creation  and operation of a Fish pond by applying to the Ministry of Livestock, Fisheries and Animal Husbandry. The Council has also applied for the revitalising of Fundong Municipality through a training organised by Souel Human Resource Center from a training on Social Solidarity Economy from Global social Solidarity Economy which is pending funding. 

The greatest difficulty faced by Fundong Municipality is the Fundong-Konene road project and two bridges at Akeh to be constructed which have not been realised. With others including Isaibal-Ndio road project which was interrupted on August 18, 2021. 

Projects envisaged for this year includes Electrification of Fundong Village, Financial assistance to CIGs, installation of Solar Street lights and security cameras, Construction of Modern toilets in Fundong market, rehabilitation of some classrooms, Vertinary center to be funded by Public Investment Budget. 

Council projects include construction of Sheds and Fundong market, timber hangers, supply of materials for the construction of a block of two classrooms at CS Boyui, provision of 15 classrooms and road and bridge constructions in certain areas. 

While appreciating all who contributed to the success of the last Academic year, Mayor Awoh Ndang Denis called on all to put hands together for a successful back to school and an effective school year 2021/2022 as normalcy is gradually taking it's course.  

Anye Nde Nsoh

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