COVID-19 attacks, Bafut Council defends

Mayor Ngwakongoh distributing face mask 

As the deadly Coronavirus pandemic is taking it's course, several means are also being put in place to curb it's spread at various levels. Since April 2020 when the first case of the virus was recorded in Cameroon, it has later spread, recording a total number of 84,210 infected cases and 1,357 deaths.

In Bafut, a village in the North West region, Mezam Division of Cameroon in under 14 days have recorded over 30 COVID-19 infected cases with about four teams particularly around Nso. This has prompted the Mayor of Bafut Council Ngwakongoh Lawrence to take the health of persons in Bafut Community at top priority.

In accomplishing his plans of combatting the spread of coronavirus disease in Bafut Municipality, Mayor Ngkwagongoh Lawrence has distributed face mask to persons moving from Bamenda to Bafut as well as providing mask to drivers to be able to distribute to persons who are moving to Bafut without face mask.

Vehicles plying the Bamenda-Bafut stretch of road were disinfected to ensure that all cars facilitating in the transportation of persons are COVID-19 free. This was done Friday September 3, 2021, targetting Bafut parks at Food Market and Ntarinkon.

Mr Suh, President of Bafut Drivers Union 

Reacting shortly after receiving the gifts from the Mayor, the President of Drivers Union Bafut Mr Suh, appreciated the gifts and promised to sensitise others during this era of the pandemic

"We thank the Mayor for the surprise this morning because of the coronavirus. As he has given them to us that is how we will see how we can share to our passengers. We are aware of the corona cases in Bafut and there are others we are not aware of and don't beleif in the virus we will do our best to see that we can sensitise the population." 

"There was a time the virus was very serious people were aware and prevented it, after some time they started neglecting, we have to make them know that the virus exits" He added 

Speaking during the distribution process, Mayor Ngwakongoh Laurence stated his aim for the distribution, while encouraging others to stay attentive and protect themselves against the COVID-19 pandemic. 

"Let the Bafut man follow the measures put in place by the Cameroon Government and WHO to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. We have already installed hand washing point for persons to wash their hands on their way to and from their way of Bafute. Churches and pastors, fathers and others should respect these majors, reduce the number of Christians and add the number of services, they should also wear face mask at all times, reduce crowding in funerals and other occassions to reduce the spread of the coronavirus" Mayo Ngwakongoh warned 

The distribution at Bafut Motor parks comes days after Christians attending churches in Bafut have been sensitized and face mask distributed. 

As explained by the Mayor over 30 persons have been tested positive in under 14 days with about four deaths recorded.

Anye Nde Nsoh

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