Bamenda II councillors approve allowances for Mayor, Deputies

Opening of the extraordinary session 

Councillors of the Bamenda II council have voted a deliberation fixing the allowances of the Mayor and his Deputies.

The extraordinary session that held on Saturday 25th September 2021 seek to aligned the operational mechanism of the council with a recent decision taken by the Minister of Decentralisation and local development, fixing the allowances for council executives.

Chenwi Peter, Mayor of Bamenda II 

This move from the MINDDEVEL boss gladdens the heart of Chenwi Peter, Mayor of Bamenda II subdivisional council

"For over two years now, we have not had a fix rate of allowances for that are paid to Mayors. The Minister has come out with a decision fixing allowances for all Mayors as per council level and that for us to have this, it must be validated in a council session

We were working without a fix allowance, this was very difficult. Working without knowing your financial status because finances is a booster to ones job" Mayor Chenwi Peter told the Observer .

Councillors at the extraordinary session

The ministerial order covers the sitting allowances, missions, house maintenance, renumeration and other benefits to the Mayor and sitting allowances for municipal councillors. The decision of the Minister of Decentralisation, makes the allocations as per council category.

Supervising the session, Mezam SDO cautioned councillors to stop focusing on the sitting allowances everytime something urgent is to be deliberated upon.

Simon Emile Mooh, SDO Mezam

It was equally an opportunity for Simon Emile Mooh to cautioned the councillors to take guard against the 3rd wave of the coronavirus that has claimed so many lives in the Division over the last week.

The adoption of this deliberation will fast track the preparation of the 2022 council budget. 


Toh Clinton Ndong

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