Word of Faith Bible Institute prepares, graduates 30

         A Cross section of Graduates

Word of Faith Bible Institute Bamenda has trained and graduated some 30 Christians Sunday August 23, 2021, at the Living Faith Church popularly known as Winner's Chapel international.

The graduates were trained in the chief town of the North West region Bamenda undergoing a three program course Basic Certificate Course BCC, Leadership Certificate Course LCC and Leadership Diploma Certificate LDC. 

One of the graduates Samuel Telah Mekom expressed his satisfaction for the success of the training highlighted the importance of the program to the graduates 

Graduate Samuel Telah Mekom

"It is quite an amazing moment for me, I want to thank God almighty for making us ho through this program successfully and I also thank my Father in the Lord, Pastor Achombong Tebeck Paul who thought it and make us to come and have an indepth knowledge of the gospel. Those who have been trained in this mountain, by the time they get out, they are able to preach the word of God, they are able to excel in every leadership aspect they find themselves in putting God at the forefront of humanity."

"After the training the society will expect good morals, good presentation, good leadership. In every aspect these trainees will find themselves, they will be tools to win souls for christ, our basic objective is to win souls for Christ." He added 

The idea of the training according to the officiating minister pastor Madu Duwi stermed from the bible from the book of Genesis 14:14 as he explains. 

 "Abraham equipped his trained servants. It is the training that determines the how far you can go in the battles of life. I think right now they have known better what to do to excel in every areas of their lives. It is not just a Christian by mouth, what qualifies your Christianity is your impact in the society. 

Pastor Madu Duwi, officiating Minister of Winners Chapel international Bamenda

"The graduates after their last phase of the program have been equipped with a lot of knowledge that has to do with their Christian life and everyday living, how to tackle situations of life. By now they all know much better how to tackle issues of their life." Pastor Madu explained drawing his analogy from Psalms 23:4. 

A total of 36 courses were studied through out the training in all three levels. Courses such as Exploit in Ministry, Word Foundation, Principles of answered prayers. 

Each level takes a maximum of two weeks before moving to the next. 12 lecturers facilitate the various levels for effective studies.

The training gotten is the same training pastors in Ministry today under went before eventually becoming pastors. The training will go along way to strengthen the graduates to become bold to face the fears of life.

Anye Nde Nsoh

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