Penitentiary staff Attacks Bamenda II Mayor, Brutalizes Bodyguard

Mayor Chenwi Peter 

The penitentiary staff of the Bamenda central prison have attacked the Mayor of Bamenda II, Chenwi Peter, beating mercilessly his bodyguard and carting away with his gun.

The incident which happened on Friday August 27, 2021 has been described by onlookers as sad, blatant disrespect of constituent authority.

Speaking to observer237.com, Mayor Chenwi Peter narrated that he was allocated a piece of land by the SDO of Mezam after his building was burnt by separatist fighters.

"Yesterday I was there to plant the pillars with a surveyor from the Delegation of State property, Surveys and land tenure. Unfortunately, we were attacked by warders who had received instructions from the the superintendent of the central prison in Bamenda, claiming that the land is theirs. As I speak the gun of my bodyguard is still with them", Chenwi Peter said.

Mezam SDO from information has summoned the said superintendent on different occasions but he has failed to show up. An act that angers the Mayor

"with what has happened, I am tempted to say that the superintendent is above the law. There is a procedure to acquire land. We cannot continue to tolerate such an attitude. Is the penitentiary chief the custodian of land in Mezam?"

Mayor Chenwi further opines that he is the third person to be attacked at the said land by those of the penitentiary staff and calls for an open investigation into the activities of the prison administration.

At press time, the council and authorities of the National security are on course to recover the gun while the bodyguard is presently on drugs


The Observer

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