Ministry of Transport on mission to draft road safety regulations

Edenda Atsama, leader of the Delegation 

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) Cameroon recorded 16,583 road accidents in 2018 with over 1000 deaths and a further 6000 affected.

This tear provoking statistics that have made the roads in Cameroon less safe with questions coming up everyday as to how to use the roads without fear of constant road accidents have come under review in Bamenda. 

This has made the Ministry of Transport to dispatch a Delegation to the 10 regions of Cameroon to consult with road users as to how best the roads can be safe.

Endenda Atsama, leader of Delegation, noted that "there is no law in Cameroon that lays down rules on how the roads can be safe" and consequently the Ministry wants road users to propose strategies for a proposed law that will be tabled in Parliament in the months ahead."

Che Ngong Gilbert, NW Transport Delegate 

Lack of vigorous controls, over speeding, over loading, lack of road signs and very narrow roads were enumerated to the team that came to Bamenda.

"we must ensure that cars are road worthy enough to ply our roads. We see cars virtually shaking on our roads yet they have a road worthiness certificates." Nji Nelson, a Journalist told the visiting team.

The Yaounde-Douala road and most recently the Dschang-Santchou road have been noted for several accidents, claiming lives. On several occasions, the Ministry comes to sanction the agencies.

North West Regional Delegate of Transport, Che Ngong Gilbert remarked that the purpose of this meet the users tour is first to educate road users on their safety. "Passengers should avoid getting into already full cars. It is not normal that you use a car already full and you jump inside. Also, passengers should caution drivers when they're over speeding" the Delegate said.

A popular music in Cameroon song in French says "the road does not kill but its users." The human factor accounts for more than 80% of road accidents in the country.

In September when schools begin and end of year festivities, it is generally known that drivers undergo several rounds without adequate rest, putting their lives and those of their passengers in danger.

On August 21,2018, Mr Jean Todt, United Nations Secretary General's Special Envoy for Road Safety, presented the worrying situation of road safety in Cameroon to Transport Minister, calling on the government to show good fate

"This Review shows real political will of Cameroon’s authorities to improve the situation, but it also identifies key challenges that must be overcome. By analysing all factors in order to propose priority actions, these Reviews, which we are undertaking at the request of governments, can provide vital support for improving road safety at national level. We hope that this Review will contribute to improving safety on Cameroon’s roads, including through the implementation of the dedicated United Nations legal instruments.”

The mission takes the team from the Ministry to the South West Region next and the close of their mission, a draft legislation will be presented before Cameroon's lawmakers 


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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