Government Lifts Ban on Sano Products

Sano water

The Minister of Mines, Industry and Technological Development, Dodo Ndoke Gabriel has lifted a ban on Sano products.
Following an order on the 4th of March suspending this brand for operating in an uncomfortable environment, the Minister on the 3rd of July ordered the product good for consumption.

This was highlighted during a press conference on Saturday July 17 at the headquarters of Sano SA in Douala.

The Communication Officer, Marie Bernadette Mayo, made it clear that the brand wasn’t suspended due to its quality but rather the environment where it was operating.

She said it was after countless missions from the Ministry that they realised Sano was following all the quality norms.

“Several control missions had been to Sano and the govt realised Sano was strictly respecting the legislation and they permitted us to continue our activities” said Marie Bernadette.

Journalists the presser

This was reiterated by Guy Paulin Nguelimeni, product quality controller of SANO who reassured  the public that they don’t have to worry because of the product’s quality, since the quality hasn’t been altered but it will be ameliorated to suit their taste.

During the briefing, the company revealed it has lost tens of billions since the ban, as well as human resource losses.

“At least 400 workers lost their job. Its a lot of losses for the enterprise in all domains(infrastructure, human resources etc) we have lost tens of billions due to the suspension.”, he said.

There’s no guarantee all these workers will regain their jobs as of now but the company has reassured the population it will be available in the market in no time, in collaboration with the Ministry of Trade. 

Founded in 2009, SANO S.A is a Chinese company specialised in the production and distribution of mineral water, and fruit juices. Initially started in Equatorial Guinea in 2009, the conpany settled on Cameroon in 2012. Before its suspension, it had just launched it’s ice tea drink, and other quality juices. 

It should be recalled that after being suspended for non-compliance with operating standards, the Ministry of Trade took turn on the 5th of March to withdraw the product from the market. 

To this end, the Minister of Commerce, Luc Magloire Mbarga Atangana writes: “In view of the above, and in the name of the protection and preservation of the health of consumers, I ask you to organize, all cases ceasing, the deployment of your teams in the field with a view to immediately withdrawing the offending products from the market ”.

The Minister of Technological Development on its part stated the suspension was due to “the non-respect of the standards of exploitation and conditioning of the bottles and the carbons of water intended for consumption by the public”.
The company reacted same day, stating they were dismayed by the fact that the decision suspending their product was parading  social media and hadn’t reached them. They however agreed to comply to it once it gets to their door.


Brenda Kiven in Douala

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