Tubah Mayor restores public order, road construction resumes

Mayor Tanjong Martin speaking to the press 

The Mayor of Tubah council, Tanjong Martin has cleared off road side vendors, food stalls and petite businesses operating on the main road under reconstruction in Bambili. 

According to the Mayor, the vendors had extended their stalls into the road making the construction company, Edge, finding it difficult to work as well as narrowing the road making movement difficult.

"We are on a construction site and on this site some members of the public have transformed themselves into business operators, transferring their kitchen into the streets which the council could not sit down and allow this disorder" Mayor hinted

Some of the benches where these businesses were carried out were confiscated by the council.

Quizzed if these operators were given a timeline to relocate, Mayor noted that a team of five had gone round to sensitise the population not to enter the road to do businesses. "I personally went round to talk to the people to give way for this project to continue"

The authorities of the Tubah council has called on those whose businesses have been affected and need space to immediately write to the council

"We still have more than 50 market stalls at the Bambili market unoccupied and people are doing businesses on the streets. If they apply, I will allocate to them business places" Mayor Tanjong explained 

Eru being cooked under questionable hygiene conditions

He also frowned at restaurant owners who cook under questionable hygiene conditions. A case in point was a food vendor, cooking eru- a staple food from the South West of Cameroon, in open air and very dirty surrounding

Mayor Tanjong has pledged to maintain order in the University town of Bambili

As concerns the road works, the Mayor rates the realisation at some 50%. The road has been widen, the gutters are on under construction. After this phase, effective tarring will begin

Construction work ongoing 

Tubah council hinted the press that construction works on the Bamenda - Bambili road was to commence on October 19th,2020


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