Christian Youth showcase Talent, receive marital counseling at Talent Show

Youths performing during Talent Show

Some Youths belonging to Christian denominations have been encouraged to love one another, throught a Talent Show organised by Winners Chapel Bamenda. This was done Sunday May 2, 2021 at the church premises whereby youth were given the opportunity to showcase their talent.

Commemorating the day under the theme "The Colour of Love" it was organised under the canopy of Youth Alive Fellowship Bamenda. This draw youths from other denominations who participated in the Youth Talent Show cutting across activities including dancing, acrobatic performance, presentations, painting display and memory verse recitations. 

Groups from Winners Chapel Bambili, Nkwen and some in Mankon showcased their talents in the various domains. 

A Pre-marital counselling talk was delivered, encouraging youths to get themselves tested before accepting a partner as a husband or wife. Making reference to Hosea 4:6, test such as Genetic test, blood grouping, haemoglobin electrophoresis, HIV, Hepatitis, gonorhea, clamadia and others to ensure a healthy family void of diseases. 

Dzelamonyuy Florence Njoh, youth Coordinator

Dzelamonyuy Florence Njoh, youth Coordinator and Intetepreter for Winners Chapel explained the reason for the show

"The reason for this Talent Show, is for the youths out there doing nothing to see their peers performing and be inspired to start doing something, creating, innovating and doing something good. For whatever creative thing done will yield income. The colour of love taken as the theme is to attract youths who are a fan of love" Dzelamonyuy Florence Njoh

"We have a new pastors from Nigeria, and when he came, he was not happy with domance of youths in church, he wants to see active youths. To achieve this, we had to assemble the youths to perfom and showcase their talents." Dzelamonyuy Florence added

Reactions from Participants 

Chia Harriette

"I started music at a very tender age I actually have passion for music moreover I feel happy singing to put smiles on people's faces. From my childhood, I've been with the church, singing for church groups and others that is what has given me the inspiration till date."

Ansahmbom Vernesius.

"I started not long ago. This inspiration came to me when I started playing the guitar some four years, from there I decided to persuade my career. My role model in Cameroon is Charlotte dipanda who has actually inspired me. I wish to continue with this desire till I get the better of me"

Akumah Livinus 

"Am here to motivate children who feel discouraged doing arts. Being here is for them to copy what I do and do better." 

Pastor Divine Breakthrough Madu, Ministering 

Crowning the day, the new pastor, Pastor Divine Breakthrough Madu, encouraged love amongst youths making reference to Genesis 29:18 

"Jacob was in love with Rachel, so he said, "I will work seven years for you, if you will let me marry Rachel."

Anye Nde Nsoh

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