PSS Mankon: Bafut council receives refurbished dormitory, scholarships in view

New roof hangs over girls dormitory 

The girls dormitory of PSS Mankon that suffered from a fire attack on the 22nd of January 2021 has been refurbished by the Bafut council and handed back to the school

The dormitory was playing host to students from PSS Bafut who because of the prevailing insecurity cannot study on their campus

On the instructions of the SDO of Mezam, Simon Emile Mooh, the Bafut council was to refurbish the girls dormitory while Bamenda II Council refurbishes the boys dormitory which suffered from another attack on January 23rd

Beds, uniforms, trunks, books and the roof were completely burnt down leaving some 133 students directly affected

Bafut Mayor explains scholarship scheme to the press

More than two months after, the Mayor of Bafut, Ngwakongoh Lawrence hands over the dormitory with new beds and a new roof hanging on the building. Dr Mbaku, Principal of PSS Mankon attest that it was done better

"After the council roofed the affected part of the building, we received a huge consignment of roofing sheets from the Minister of Territorial Administration, we decided to also change parts of the roof that was already old. Reasons why you see a new roof hanging over this building" he said

To prevent an occurrence of a fire outbreak, the walls of the building have fire extinguishers 

Remains of beds caught in the fire

Ngwakongoh Lawrence, speaking to the students encouraged them to "collaborate with your teachers to ensure that security reigns in the campus"

To ensure that the students focus more, the Mayor and Member of Parliament for Bafut/Tubah constituency, Hon Agho Oliver announced that the 10 best advance level students and 10 best ordinary level students at the 2021 GCE, will have a three year scholarship. 

Dr Mbaku Henry explains how the works were carried out

The Mayor, Ngwakongoh Lawrence emphasized that the scholarship will also incorporate students of PSS Mankon who have acted as a nice host to students of Bafut

The principal of PSS Mankon Dr Mbaku Henry, threw the ball into the court of the students to use this scholarship offer to have impeccable results at the forth coming exams

Before the coming of the Anglophone Crisis in 2016, the North West region was a bed rock of education in Cameroon 


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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