Fire at Bamendakwe Market: North West Regional Council consoles victims, evaluates damage

Victims of the fire with the Commissioner of Economic Development 

10 shops were lost to a ravaging fire at the Bamendakwe market on the night breaking Sunday April 11th 2021

According to the Mayor of the Bamenda I council,
Mbigha Njah Felix, the fire broke out due to a short circuit as the Municipality recorded General low voltage. 

Remains of an electionic store 

The doors of the shops generally constructed with iron made it difficult for the fire fighting unit of the Army to break in. 

A shop made up of electronics, another of electrical equipments, general provisions, bags were lost to the fire. 

To help these business persons to get back on their feet, the Commissioner of Economic Development at the North West Regional council, Ghejung Awunti on behalf of the President of the house paid a visit to the site. 

Together with the Mayor, they agreed to first of all make the sheds usable before financially re-equipping the victims

"We will do our best to ensure that these victims get back on their feet and also ensure this market is up and kicking" Ghejung Awunti 

Council volunteers cleaning the sheds

One of the victims, Abongwa Victor who loss a fortune in building materials to the fire saluted the Mayor for commencing the rehabilitation of the burnt stores

"I really wish to thank the Mayor. If the stores are usable again, we will stock, no matter how small while hoping that the constructive forces of the region will come to our aid" 

The Bamendakwe market is the only source of revenue for the council largely inhibited by administrative structures and residences 


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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