Andek Council completes BIP 2020 projects for the first time since 2017, plans better

Mayor Ubangoh Helly 

Andek council has for the first time since 2017, executed all its Public Investment projects allocated to the municipality. This was made known by Mayor Ubangoh Helly Manyelle, during the first ordinary session of Andek Council held Thursday 15 April 2021, aimed at evaluating Administrative and Management Accounts of 2020 Fiscal Year. 

Projects which were earmarked for the year 2020, have been completed despite the intensity of the on-going socio-political unrest in the area. 

Projects highlighted which have been successful completed included 
10 market hangers each in Teze and Ajei 
The construction of the Integrated Health Centre in Ajei
The construction of a block of two classrooms in Bonatu, transferred from Angai, for security reasons, furnishing of office equipment that included plastic chairs and  luxury chairs that are available for hire. The provision of 60 benches and table to GS Bonatu
The renovation of the Tinechung Tonangai road.

The activities were entirely funded by credits from the Public Investment Budget of the state (BIP) and subsidies from the state through FEICOM, since the crisis prevented the council from raising its own internal funds. 

Andek council in 2020, operated on a total revenue of FCFA 428 million, with expenditure standing at FCFA 409 million. 

Since taking office in 2020, the council has been able to realise projects like cleaning and repair of the council building and its environs, installation of internet connection to ease communication between the council and the external world, installation of a powerful solar energy system to provide constant electricity to enhance the functioning of the council, cleaning of the town and roads to relink Andek to all surrounding villages,  the reopening of Andek market, primary school at Andek and the transport sector with many bikes and some vehicles driving into Andek easily, despite the terrible state of the road.

In all, development remains at top priority as and anything short of that is a waste as indicated by Mayor Ubangoh Helly. 

"We know that the Council essentially is to bring development to the people. Anything short of that is an error."

The council also intends to make the Ajei-Scan Water road more passable in the days ahead this has been caused by a blockage of Ajei-Scan Water road forcing all persons entering Ngie to obligatorily pass through Andek. In this way, Andek was eventually reopened. 

People who escaped from their home in Ngie caused by the crisis will be visited and condole with by the Council particularly internally displaced persons in Bamenda, Douala, Buea and YaoundĂ©.    

He assures all to return to the municipality as peace has greatly returned. He then concluded the day calling on Elite of Ngie and all development associations of Ngie to come on board and collaborate with the council, to bring the much desired development to the Sub Division.

Anye Nde Nsoh

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