Operation Bui 1: Separatist camps dislodged, 'general' Asan Neutralized, General Nka Valere warns human rights must be respected

Brigadier General Nka Valere 

The Commander of the 5th Joint military region, Brigadier General Nka Valere has saluted the defense and security forces in Kumbo after a successful 8-days operation dubbed operation Bui 1. 

The forces started their mission in Bui on February 23, 2021 and for eight days, they were able to dislodged camps in Yelum, Verkovi, Tatum, Nkor which had a training camp and Kumbo. 

While presenting his balance sheet, the commander of the troops, Colonel Matiang Charles Alain, commander of the 51st motorized infantry brigade said some 12 separatists fighters were killed during the operation, several others wounded and some locally fabricated weapons retrieved. 

Locally fabricated guns

The fighters have been able to produce guns to any capacity, use gas bottles as artisanal bombs and long range kalashikov that can target vehicles from a distance. 

At their entry into the Division, the military, consisting of a 400 man army met stiff resistance, recording 3 deaths and 7 injured. 

This obstacle Colonel Matiang says did not deter them from moving into the subdivisions that make up Bui. Finally General Asan was killed, uniforms of the Ambazonian Defense forces and Ambazonian intelligence commando and that of the Black shoes of Oku were retrieved. 

Balance sheet of everything seized

In saluting this balance sheet, General Nka Valere said "fighting must continue until total peace returns to Kumbo"

He further cautioned the soldiers to respect the laws of engagement of wars and that it is unacceptable for soldiers to kill innocent persons, maim, rape in the course of war.

Gallantly, he told the soldiers to keep fighting while respecting the barrier measures put in place by the government during the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Gas bottles used to make artisanal bombs

As the 400 man army moves back to base, General Nka Valere announced that operation Bui clean is in the offing as separatist fighters were re-equipped a fortnight ago. 

Bui SDO, Lanyuy Harry noted that the hot spots have been identified and security operations have been heightened in the division. 

Colonel Matiang, commander of the troops

Restoring order in Kumbo in particular is more and more difficult as the community speaks one language and it is easier for tip offs. 


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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