North-West: Miss African Union 2019 encourages the education of young people, St Frederick spotlighted

Miss Lukwesa Morin, Miss African Union 2019 at St Frederick college

Visiting St Fredrick College in Bamenda this weekend, Lukwesa Morin, Miss African Union 2019, asked students to continue their studies in order to achieve their dreams. For more than four years, the school has been disrupted in the English speaking North West and South-West regions of Cameroon. According to her, the school today used as a weapon of war is a fundamental violation of human rights

"The future of the African continent rests on the education of young people" she declared. 

In front of a crowd of students from this private school, she calls on young people to surpass themselves. "Don't get carried away with easy gain, don't say you can't, no limitation, don't say you're incapable, don't think small, think big, create your own person in your thoughts, if you want to become a doctor, an entrepreneur, it's your absolute right "she said. 

The Mubangs and Miss African Union 2019

The socio-political crisis in the English-speaking regions of Cameroon has forced several schools, especially in remote areas to close their doors. According to her, her presence in Cameroon and especially in Bamenda aims to encourage literacy among students. She asked these students at St Fredrick College to realize what lies ahead. "It is an illusion to think that you are inferior to others, always remind yourself that what you do to others, you do to yourself too".

Joseph Mubangs makes promises to the students

Lukwesa Morin, Miss African Union 2019, said she would do her best to express Africa's quest to achieve socio-economic development to secure the interests of the youth. The Zambian national, now works with various embassies and diplomatic missions, international organizations and government authorities on how to significantly change the lives of young people and African women. She said her lobbying will focus specifically on developing entrepreneurship, creating jobs and reducing the impacts of climate change in Africa. "African governments must more than ever make a commitment to improving the lives of millions of young people and women through sustainable development, expanding health and education, and technological advancement."  

Reacting to these remarks from the 2019 Miss African Union, Mike Mubang, proprietor of the college , said he was satisfied with  these  words in an environment that is now hostile to education. He urges the miss to work for the granting of assistance to schools in English-speaking areas at war. 

Students salute her presence with traditional dances

Joseph Mubang elder brother to Mike  who lives in America congratulated the  efforts made  by  officials of  this  institution to  promote education. He  promise a school bus,  a library, an orchestral,  a band and a dispensary to be given  to  St Fredrick. This will help students to do research  and  make  the  school milieu a better place for  students.  To mark their appreciations after the  encouragements addressed to them, the students of the college St Fredrick  Bamenda , exhibited traditional dances of the region of the North West. 

Who is she ? 

Lukwesa Morin is the very first Miss African Union-diaspora elected on American soil. The winner, now 28, Lukwesa Morin is a student at the John Hopkins School of Public Policy. Born in Togo of a Zambian mother and a French father. As she humbly accepted her crown in 2019, the Miss African Union, Lukwesa declared that she would like to fight against illiteracy and child malnutrition, among other challenges facing Africa. Lukwesa Morin is the very first Miss Queen of the African Union 2018-2019. 

She earned a master's degree in public policy and public administration from the prestigious Johns Hopkins University and a bachelor's degree in environmental science from Gettysburg College. 

Having worked as an environmental consultant for the World Bank and the United Nations Global Flood Program, she led a mission project in Lesotho with the aim of developing a framework for disaster risk management. 

She aspires to continue her work in several countries and its platform will focus on reducing the rate of hunger and illiteracy in African countries.

She also works directly with young people and serves as a role model by encouraging them to participate in Africa's development and to use their voices to effect change

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