PSS Mankon: Bamenda II Mayor Evaluates Renovation works,

Roofing of Boys dormitory

Renovation works at the burnt infrastructures of Presbyterian Secondary School (PSS) Mankon stands at 85% complete

This was confirmed and attested during an evaluation carried out Wednesday February 10, 2021, by the Mayor of Bamenda II council Chenwi Peter to the affected buildings of the institution where reconstruction works are ongoing.

The reconstruction works involve roofing of the boys dormitory which is at a hundred percent, ceiline, painting and other works which are at the verge of completion.

Mayor Chenwi Peter a key advocate for schools in Bamenda II municipality, felt touched when the said institution (PSS Mankon) went up in flames. Immediately he had to visit the school in order to discuss prospects with the administration. During his visit, he assured them of governments support which is already taking its course.

"We took an undertaking with the institution to renovate the structures. Today we are here to follow up what is going on. We have roofed the structure that were burnt down and we are left with the painting of the walls". Mayor Chenwi Peter hinted.

Considering the limited number of companies in the municipality, education is a top priority.

"In this region we do not have any company. Our own company is Education, so anything that concerns education we must invest, be it the private sector or the government sector. That is why we are here to follow up". Mayor Chenwi Peter speaking

Both students and the administration have suffered attacks from said non-state armed groups. Students were left stranded and frustrated after the fire incident but have been revived.

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