Officials strategize as COVID-19 cases surge in the North West

NW SG chairs brainstorm session

The existence of the coronavirus pandemic has been a serious threat to humanity nowadays. Declared by the World Health Organisation as a pandemic, its effects has been devastating. Several activities have came to a hold, thousand deaths recorded, lockdown of some cities and many others. 

In order to combat the spread of this virus whose second wave has proven to be more devastating, an Advocacy meeting has been held with authorities and community leaders to beat the spread of COVID-19 in the North West Region, Friday February 12, 2021. 

Governor Adolphe Lele L'Afrique cuing from analysis from the Regional Delegate of Public health, admitted the critical nature of the virus and its persistent increase in the region. 

"It is important for the population to know that COVID-19 in our region is critical. Since the beginning of this year we have had many contaminated cases and since April last year when we registered our first case till now, about 1172 positive cases have been registered, so it is very important for the population to know."

Cross section of participants

It should be noted that as of February 10, 2021 a total of 1189 cases were recorded, 81 deaths, 935 recoveries and 173 on treatment. 

With such numbers, media professionals have been called upon to use their various communication outfits to sensitise the masses and encouraged them to respect barrier measures. 

"I am therefore calling on all the stakeholders in the Northwest Region especially media professionals and Bloggers, to step up sensitization of the population in the strict respect of barrier measures against covid 19 such as the systematic wearing of face mask when leaving the house ,hand washing wth soap and running water ,and maintenance of social distancing at all times. These  measures should also be strictly respected in all primary and Secondary schools, Churches and Markets." Governor Lele LAfrique emphasized in a communique made public over the weekend

Dr Kingsley Che Nsoh

Many have been stigmatized with stints of the pandemic which Dr Kingsley Che Soh, Regional Delegate of Public Health in the North West region opines that sensitisation is necessary 

"We need alot of education on the barriers measures because we have the impression that there is alot of stigma around COVID-19 with alot of  disbelief so we need the help of the media to help us send this message to the population and get them respect the barriers measures."

Some measures have been put in place to achieve the goal of combatting the coronavirus pandemic such as production of radio programs, radio quiz and slots and social media campaigns which will go a long way to help reach and create more awareness amongst the population in the North West. 

The United Nations agencies and other NGOs shall be training some media practitioners on how to advocate, inform and sensitize our communities on the realities of the coronavirus pandemic.

Fomusoh Rachel

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