NW: Media Practitioners Up skills on COVID-19 reporting as cases rise in the Region

NW Regional Delegate training Media practitioners

After an advocacy meeting in the North West Region were administrative authorities, community leaders and media professionals brainstormed on how to effectively stop the spread of the coronavirus in North West, a 5 day workshop organised by the North West Regional delegation of public health to train Journalist has gone underway

A joint partnership between the Delegation and UNICEF on effective ways of reporting about the coronavirus will see the Journalists trained from 16-19th February 2021 and will be expected to effectively sensitise the population on the need to respect barrier measures with a deadly second wave of the virus

The focal point for Communication at the Regional Delegation, Saho Raoul educated the participants on the six principles of effective risk in Communication;

-Be first,be right, be credible= trust
-Responding to emotional reactions even in the face of uncertainty
-Coordinate with partners
- Listen to and involve communities
- Combine a variety of approaches
- Build risk communication capacity during peace time

These he says should be taken into consideration when reporting about the coronavirus in the region

It was revealed by the Regional Delegate of Public Health, Dr Kingsley Che Soh that in the last 10 days, 115 cases were recorded, 5 deaths. The fatality rate standing at 7.5% as compared to 1.5% in the National value

An increase in the sensitisation for barrier measures to be strictly respected is a call men and women of the media must take back to their newsroom as the region braces up to put the second wave of the virus under control


Fomusoh Rachel

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