NTACCUL Awarded Best Credit Union, pays incredible interest on savings

President of NtaCCUL

It is no news there has been an ongoing armed conflict in the English speaking regions of Cameroon. Several ills have surfaced causing devastating effects to the population and economy of these regions (North West and South West), eventually the country as a whole.

Despite these difficulties faced, Ntarinkon Cooperative Credit Union Limited NTACCUL has had a steady increase in its number of membership from over 58000, to about 65, 914, registering over 7000 members and an amazing interest rate of 5%, one of the best interest rate among existing micro-finance institutions in Cameroon.

The cooperation during the 2020 financial year, recorded a 15% increase in its shares, 33% increase in savings, a 35% increase in deposits and a 13% increase in membership with a total asset increase of 29% as reflected in the annual report of the cooperation.

To this effect members of the cooperation benefit an average share savings of 5% for 2020. The President on this note thus encouraged members to save more in the coming year.

Despite remarkable process made in other domains, the delinquency of the cooperative stands at 20% a situation the Board President thinks can be overcame in 2021.

"The first thing to do is to curb down in lending, and to be able to master the people who are eligible for the new loans and for the old loans we are going to reinforce recovery which we learnt in the management report that we have a loan recovery tax force that is at work. And we have done some restructuring servic of the recovery service of the cooperative so that 2021 we able to reduce the loan delinquency to an acceptable level". Mr Fru Isaac Taku, President of NTACCUL

Moreover NTACCUL has faced some set backs due to the crisis. Projects envisaged for 2020 financial year were not realised as stipulated by the General Manager Ade Muma Divine.

"We have projects we cannot go ahead with because of the situation at hand, when the situation is better we are going to go into that, to make sure those who are affected by the ongoing crisis, get their buisnesses rebuilt." Ade Muma Divine NTACCUL's GM

Sunday February 7, 2021, in Bamenda NTACCUL held an Annual General Meeting with focus on account details and reports of 2020, of the Cooperation.

Projects Realized 2020

Rehabilitation of the Kumba branch office.

The purchase of two brand new ATM machines for the branches of Douche-Douala and Buea.

The creation of Nlyonkag-Yaounde branch.

The purchase of modern software called CLOUD BANK

Projects Envisaged 2021

To solve complain of distance to the head office by members in the outskirts, a new branch office in Nkwen Bamenda will be created

The purchase of a car for the Bonaberi-Douala Branch to facilitate movement of staff.

The construction of a modern four storey building for Melen Yaounde branch

Digitalisation of an electronic banking connect with GIMAC network. To ensure that members can connect and do banking within the CEMAC sub region come 2021.

There will be the rehabilitation of members, those whose buisnesses have been affected by the on-going socio-political crisis.

As part of the equity of NTACCUL, and in order to continuously respect the COBAC regulations , members of the cooperation with incomplete shares have been called upon to update their shares to ensure a smooth flow of activities.

Reacting shortly after the AGM, members feel satisfied with the work done so far by the Board of Directors.

"I appreciate the Board of directors for the hard work they put in to the credit union this 2020 despite the crisis. I am very happy if we can receive 5% interest on savings within this crisis then I most say kudos to the Board"
Member of the cooperative who choose to be anonymous.

Ntarinkon Cooperative Credit Union is a saving lending credit union that started in 1972 with 15 members. Today, it numbers about 50, 000 members from all works of life and from all the regions in the country. It has the status of a micro-finance institution and it is registered under the ministry of finance with registration No MINEFIN No 00395.

In order to become a member, you can visit any of their branch offices in any town in the country, inform the person at the counter about your interest to become a member, a membership application form will be given to you to fill. Pay a registration fee of 7500FCFA to make up your file, submit 3 passport size photographs, declare your next of kin and submit a photocopy of your ID card. This makes you a full member. The share will be refunded to you upon closure of your account.

What members benefit

There is security on members savings and loans through risk management scheme at no extra cost.

There is free financial counseling, advice and business planning to members.

Members attend and participate in decision making at the annual general meetings of the credit union.

At the credit union there exist security and confidentiality.

There is very low interest placed upon their loans.

Benefit for pre-financing of contracts.

Payment of salaries to members who are civil servants with the government or private sector.

Interest is paid on savings and dividends on shares.

Benefit from their new housing schemes at special rates.

Products and services offered by NTACCUL

Shares, Deposit account, Minors account, Group account, Savings account, Payment of salaries, Standing order, Overdraft facilities, Contract financing, Njangi financing, Money transfer services, Plot financing, Micro credits scheme.

Branch Offices
Douala, Buea, Yaounde, Bertoua, Kumba.


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