Rev Nditemeh Charlemagne inducted as CBC Executive President, Promises Equity

Rev Dr Nditemeh Charlemagne, Executive President of the CBC

Rev Dr Nditemeh Charlemagne has been inducted as the New Executive President of the Cameroon Baptist Convention, CBC

The new President has promised to govern the church on Truth, Equity and Development. Rev Nditemeh says these are not just words but have been scientifically developed to fit the modern church

The induction of a new Executive President comes at a time the church is facing challenges

The preacher of the day, Rev Njobara Nelson challenged the Executive President to minimize tribal differences, shift the church from just strategizing to actual implementation, be a light for the community and a church where Christians can sharpen one another

Rev Ncham Godwill, Rev Fonki Samuel and Rev Njobara Nelson praying for Rev Nditemeh Charlemagne

Voted on 13th November 2020 and inducted on Sunday 10th January, 2021, the Rev Nditemeh Charlemagne takes over from Rev Dr Ncham Godwill who served the church from 2012-2020

The induction service also saw the dedication of Yosimbom John and Mrs Ekema Diana Efosi as Chairman and Vice Chairman of the convention who were re-elected

Rev Ngalla Godlove, new Director of Theological and Christian Education together with all Directors of the CBC were equally dedicated

Rev Dr Nditemeh Charlemagne before his election was field pastor for the Yaounde field and has a four year mandate


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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