RADA targets Health through Geological Agriculture in Cameroon

Agriculture as often said is as important as one's health, considering health is wealth. Over the years several techniques and developments have surfaced from researchers trying to make this sector a better one. 

One of these developments is Geological Agriculture (GeoAg), founded by Richard Campbell. It is the study and application of cultivating plants and vegetation indoors or outdoors permanently without the use of soil and fertilizers. Alternative methods have been founded including rocks for the cultivation of nuts, vegetable and others instead of soil and fertilizers 

The aim of this project according to Dr. Ndamsa Dickson: Economics Lecturer, UBa is to 

"Reduce the cost that we spend every day on food and how much of our daily living economic value is devoted to eating and making sure we stay healthy."

GeoAg project has been spread to other parts of the world and Africa, not forgetting the University of Bamenda, currently working in close collaboration with RADA (Reconciliation and Development Association) for a healthy economy and to ensure a smooth implementation of the process in Cameroon. 

A collective academic institution has been built across Africa and the United States to share ideas and research findings about this process. 

 In essence, a successful implementation of this project (GeoAg) will see the cultivation of plants and vegetables indoors through varied methods with the use of rocks. 

RADA in 2019, partnered with team GeoAg, Morgan State University, Tennessee State University and Dominion Union University in Accra, Ghana to pursue a USAID grant unsuccessfully and decided to work together in other ways to sustain the effort to bring GeoAg to Cameroon.

This became successful in 2020, during the pandemic they were able to set up weekly 
trainings with Richard Campbell and Dr. Raymond Terry from Morgan State University to partner 
with RADA and with the University of Bamenda to lead a GeoAg distant learning curriculum 
with University of Bamenda agriculture students who were volunteering with RADA. 
As a result of the GeoAg Press Conference in Rwanda on November 12, 2020, two 
agriculture students from University of Bamenda took GeoAg distant learning course to 
learn GeoAg on zoom from founder Richard Campbell which motivated the implementation spirit. 

The project has been successful implemented in Cameroon through her Ministry of Agriculture as such, RADA calls on all Cameroonians to work hand-in-glove for the successful implementation of the project throughout the country. 

RADA is a non-governmental organisation aimed at "Creating employment and impact by solving community problem for sustainable development,".


Anye Nde Nsoh

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