NW Mafors to mourn monthly till crisis ends

Mothers weep as killings continue to Anglophone Cameroon

On Sunday January 24, 2021, the Mafors and mothers of the North West again converged on the Bamenda Grand stand to mourn and deplore the killings resulting from what has come to be known today as the Anglophone crisis. 

They came from Bambili, Bambui, Nkwen, Mendankwe, Ndu and Akum just to name but these. As usual they prayed, mourned and sent messages to the belligerents in their local languages. Peace they said is the only thing they want. And added that the ongoing crisis is only taking us as a region backwards. 

In her exhortation, Rev Caroline Memo urged the various churches to speak out against this scourge which has imposed untold suffering on the people. She warned that by not speaking out we are encouraging the war.

Mafors gather with special messages

Meanwhile in recognition of the efforts and sacrifices made by Mafor Yah Sunday Epse Achidi to organise the mourning excercise since November 2020 following the Kumba school killings of October 24,2020, the Mafors and women offered a special supplicaction to God requesting him to keep special watch over her as well as protect her from every danger so she can continue with her good works. 

The event ended with a peaceful March on the commercial avenue with women brandishing placards with messages specially crafted for the context.

It is worth noting that today's event was the third since inception following the Kumba school killings of October 24,2020. At the first edition in November, the mourning ended with a solidarity visit to the DDR center in Bamenda with Mafor Yah Sunday Epse Achidi offering the ex-figthers foodstuff and cash. 

On December 24,2020 she ended the ceremony with a christmas come together with physically challenged IDPs resident in Bamenda 2 subdivision during which she handed them foodstuff for Christmas.

March at Bamenda commercial avenue grandstand

Sunday January 24's event held in the absence of its vision bearer Mafor Yah Sunday Epse Achidi who was held back by other very pressing work-related issues. But the mobilisation and turnout confirmed the fact that the Mafors and mothers of the region are committed to the cause and ready to stop at nothing untill peace returns.

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