At Regional Security meeting, MINAT Boss says Biya has won war on separatists

Minister Paul Atanga Nji chairing security, coordination meeting in Bamenda

The Minister of Territorial Administration says President Paul Biya has won the war against separatist fighters.

He was speaking in Bamenda Monday January 18th 2020 as he chaired a security meeting to know the state of affairs of the region

"The Head of state has done his best to resolve the situation in the North West and South West Regions. The population must show gratitude for the things he has done. The persisting ghost towns only destroy the economy and the people making efforts to fight that cannot be over emphasized" Minister Paul Atanga Nji highlighted

The armed conflict in the North West and South West Regions has lasted for four years with Mondays observed as ghost towns since 2017.

Business premises remain close, inter-urban transportation and transportation within the city centres is very minimal with some cars and buses burnt because of transporting on Mondays. The regions suffered huge economic activities

To help curb the difficulties in mobility, the City Mayor of Bamenda put at the disposal of city dwellers, buses to transport people free of charge

A special Grant has been sent by the President of the Republic for the Bamenda City Mayor to purchase new buses and ease the circulation of persons in Bamenda

Paul Atanga Nji salutes the restriction of bikes within the urban perimeter of Bamenda and concludes that it has greatly enhanced the prevailing security situation in the Region

The Minister encouraged the population to denounce separatist activities for long lasting peace to return

"Every parent or members of the family has a connection with those in the bushes, they are brothers and sisters to other persons living normal lives. It is time for them to cl on these children to denounce their demonic practices, because this game has been on for too long"

The meeting is attended by top administrative and security brass of the region


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

Quotes and pictures from civiclens.blogspot.com

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