Tubah council seeks Presidential support for Giant water project construction

Mayor Tanjong chairing the budgetary session

Tubah council which hosts the university of Bamenda has had challenges in supplying portable water to the university Community

Students trek for long distances just to get the precious liquid

This has been a major headache to the councillors of the council. In its budgetary session, Friday 3rd December 2020, the Mayor noted that the Tubah giant water project  is pending funding from the Presidency of the Republic

"The council has appealed for sponsorship for the Tubah giant water project and some road works from the President of the Republic"

Should this be achieved, it will be a sigh of relief to the students

Tubah council will function a budget of 682 million Francs generated by the council in 2021 while waiting for state subsidies and decentralised funds

The council has envisaged to have 10 projects from the public investment budget, 3 projects from PNDP and projects from two organisations, PNCC and AGSI

The council ran on a budget 1.23 billion Francs in 2020 and realised some 22 projects

Opening and grading from Ngophana to Ndop road with 3 culverts, Buh bridge at Ntehkezon quarter, Kedjom Ketinguh, construction of two culverts at Kuboh, Kedjom keku

The council also effectively took part in the fight against COVID-19 and distributed anti COVID-19 kits to all the villages that make up the subdivision

Mayor Tanjong Martin was visibly satisfied with his report card this far. He urged councillors to effectively take part in the ongoing sensitisation campaign for long lasting peace to return to the council area

"Without peace, the council is currently losing a lot in terms of taxes as markets are not operational, those who transport vegetables from the council area do not pay taxes which makes it difficult for the council to meet with with it's responsibilities" Mayor Tanjong told the council

In the face of these difficulties, some 22 students who abandoned school because of lack of sponsors returned to the university thanks to the council

The council also assisted persons with disabilities and handed Didactic materials to schools

The green city project to create green spaces in Tubah was launched at the Bambili integrated health centre

The council will begin 2021 in smiles as construction works on the Bamenda-Bambili road has started


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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