Regional Elections: Voting opens in Bamenda hitch free

councillors cue up to vote at station

The first ever Elections to elect Regional councillors have opened hitch free in Bamenda

1060 councillors of the 1088 councillors are expected to cast their votes in 18 polling stations across the region

Councillors actually voting

As early as 8am, councillors of the Bamenda II Council had assemble to cast their votes

Mayor Bamenda II

Chenwi Peter, Mayor of the Bamenda II council was visibly satisfied

"All 31 councillors answered present and have cast their votes. We have voted to implement the last phase of the Decentralisation process"

North West Governor, Adolphe Lele LAfrique highlighted the elections started hitch free and the mobilisation is impressive

"I want to thank the Fons and Municipal councillors who have turned up massively to vote and give legitimacy to the resolutions of the major national dialogue that gave to the special status. 

Today the electors are implementing the special status. After this, they will go to elected both the chairmen of the both houses"

On the security situation on Elections day, Lele LAfrique noted that no major hitches have been noticed as he begins a tour to the Divisions

384 Fons are electing 20 of their peers into the house of chiefs

The Regional elections in the North West is unfolding with just the Cameroon peoples Democratic Movement (CPDM) running. 

They're running unopposed in an election in the North West for the first time since the rebirth of multiparty politics in 1990

Polls will close at exactly 6PM across the polling stations in the region


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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