Regional Council: CPDM prescribes party discipline ahead of session as of right

Paul Tasong, CPDM central committee Delegate to the North West

The CPDM central committee supervisor for the Elections of the pioneer Regional council bureau for the North West has called on the 70 councillors to respect party discipline

Paul Tasong in a more than two hour tete-a-tete with the councillors urge them to vote the list proposed by the CPDM central committee when the session as of right holds on Tuesday December 22nd, 2020

"The party caucus will hold before the session and it will involve just the 70 councillors, the two persons on mission and myself" Paul Tasong told the Observer

Speaker after speaker encouraged the councillors to respect the guidelines of the party in forming the Regional house. 

Paul Tasong congratulated militants of the party for not appearing before the Musonge led disciplinary commission of the CPDM since the February 9 twin elections in Cameroon

Cross section of Regional Councillors

The Regional councillors according to Paul Tasong, will have the responsibility to bring light on the meaning of the special status and make it practical

As concerns the reconstruction of the North West and South West Regions, Paul Tasong noted that a different working document is almost complete. This document will incorporate the role of the region assemblies in the reconstruction process of the two English speaking Regions

Representatives of the seven Divisions that make up the North West Region each took to the floor to assure the delegation of party officials that they will work as a unit to bring the much clamoured special status to the people of the region

While congratulating the women in particular for braving the odds, Senator Mrs Regina Mundi encouraged them not to be back benchers at the assembly

"You were not invested just to fill the numbers. You were brought in to contribute your quarter to the development of the region and we will be expecting to see that"

The experienced politician cautioned the councillors to shun "belly politics" and put the interest of the region at all times, first.

All 70 councillors elected on December 6 are from the CPDM party and will be expected to vote a bureau to serve for five years at the session as of right

The bureau will consist of a President, a Commissioner for Economic Development, a Commissioner for health and Social Development, a Commissioner for Educational, Sports and cultural development, two secretaries and one questor


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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